DataPal is the new normal for Business Analytics

We use Natural Language Generation(NLG) and Artificial Intelligence to serve actionable business insights in plain english, complemented with animated data stories

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Discover story of India’s COVID-19 spread over different lockdown phases

Automated text, audio and visualization based story that will leave you spellbound

Get quick actionable insights and avoid tiresome data hustle

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Connect Data

Connect your database or play around by uploading an excel file

Select Columns

Auto or manual selection of data to be used for creating a story

Build Automated Stories

Boom! Ready to act upon automated data stories with text, audio & awesome animated visualizations

Share & Collaborate

Save stories for later use, Share with stakeholders or collaborate with your team to add more anecdotes


Easily track the source of data behind the story in a graphical view

Notifications & Alerts

Get mobile notifications of key insights in simple english language, delivered by our NLG Engine

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